keskiviikko 25. elokuuta 2010

Plumbing, plumbing, plumbing.....

I have to move. In our house the water pipes are so old that they must be replaced. And the residents must move to an other apartment till the renovation is over. O, Lord. It's a mess.

But nine weeks is a short time. So soon we, me and my cats, will be back home again.

Maybe, when all the packing and moving is done, I will invite my friends to a housewarming party, and we will have fun. Hmmm, that sounds like a good idea.

Till then good night, sleep tight.

perjantai 20. elokuuta 2010

New relatives

I have found at least three new relatives in a short time. The family reunion is coming closer and I have wrote about it in my genealogy blog.

And now I have few more relatives, relatives who were unknown to me before.

Our family tree is growing bigger and bigger....

keskiviikko 18. elokuuta 2010

It is over now....

The way to the stage

The summer season is over. The play has ended. I feel melancholic, this was a good summer. And the play was fantastic. Yes it really was. And I did like my role because I hade to do work with it. It was not an old servant ore an old maid, who has nothing else to do but gossip. I had to think what I was doing and why and which way.

But now it's over.

Here are few photos, they are full of feelings and with them I want to thank all of you for making this summer a good one...

Good bye to beard

This was our backstage

Now it's over, cheers