sunnuntai 26. joulukuuta 2010

keskiviikko 6. lokakuuta 2010


At the moment I am listening Radio Helsinki. Dj Fiskars and friends. The music is quite good. I have listened every now and then dj Fiskars and I must say I do like most of the music he is playing.

Now the music is picked by some of hes friends. And it sounds ok too. So I do have two favourite dj:s Fiskars and Fiona Timantti.

They play very different kind of music, so thats why they are both my top favourites.

They are both worth of listening.

Good night, sleep tight.

sunnuntai 19. syyskuuta 2010

Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful.....

The sun is shining and painting the pine trees golden. And in the evening it so dark that the candle light looks bright. All this means that the autumn is here. Colourful trees, hard winds, rain.... And I must say I like autumn time. Sitting in your easy chair with a good book, siping something good, maybe a little chocolate, candle light... what an enjoyment.

A friend of mine visited in Egypt and brought to me as a souvenier  two little bottles of perfume. As you can see the bottles are really beautiful ones. The orange is for night and the green one is for daytime. They are like the sunset and sunrise. Aren't they?

Now it is time to go and study a little, so farewell for now.

keskiviikko 25. elokuuta 2010

Plumbing, plumbing, plumbing.....

I have to move. In our house the water pipes are so old that they must be replaced. And the residents must move to an other apartment till the renovation is over. O, Lord. It's a mess.

But nine weeks is a short time. So soon we, me and my cats, will be back home again.

Maybe, when all the packing and moving is done, I will invite my friends to a housewarming party, and we will have fun. Hmmm, that sounds like a good idea.

Till then good night, sleep tight.

perjantai 20. elokuuta 2010

New relatives

I have found at least three new relatives in a short time. The family reunion is coming closer and I have wrote about it in my genealogy blog.

And now I have few more relatives, relatives who were unknown to me before.

Our family tree is growing bigger and bigger....

keskiviikko 18. elokuuta 2010

It is over now....

The way to the stage

The summer season is over. The play has ended. I feel melancholic, this was a good summer. And the play was fantastic. Yes it really was. And I did like my role because I hade to do work with it. It was not an old servant ore an old maid, who has nothing else to do but gossip. I had to think what I was doing and why and which way.

But now it's over.

Here are few photos, they are full of feelings and with them I want to thank all of you for making this summer a good one...

Good bye to beard

This was our backstage

Now it's over, cheers

tiistai 27. heinäkuuta 2010

The family reunion

Three years has past and it is time to meet the whole "clan" again. My mothers side of the family has a meeting every three years. This year the meeting is in the end of august.

I am waiting the meeting because I like to get acquainted with new people especially new relatives. I hope as many as possible will come to the meeting.

The old community hall of Leppäkorpi
The meeting takes place in Nummi-Pusula municipal, in the village of Leppäkorpi. There is an old community hall. Our ancesters have been bilding that hall, and that is why we are now meeting there.

Now I must write a column for the magazine of the family so I can send the paper to the print and we can send it to our familymembers.

So good night, sleep tight....

torstai 22. heinäkuuta 2010

It's over!

The premiere is over. And I feel empty. But it is good emptiness. A bit tired, a bit relieved, and much humble and grateful all mixed together.

I am honoured to be member of this group of actors. We are no professionals, but we are dam good.

Now I go to bed and dream good dreams abut our upcoming performances. May they be as good as this first one.
Our director Joel Elstelä

tiistai 20. heinäkuuta 2010

The first night

Here is a picture of our curtain. Gorgeous don't you think. And the play is funny, but still, it awakes you thoughts if you let it do so....

You all are welcome to see us tomorrow. Now I have to hurry. My dress is not yet ready, so I must sew it a litlle bit more.....

I hope I see you all tomorrow.

sunnuntai 18. heinäkuuta 2010

Too hot.....

Can it be too hot? Yes it can. I do not like temperature over +25 degrees celcius. I cannot sleep at night and then I'm in bad mood on daytime. And I don't like to be on bad mood! I know I wrote that I hope the summer will be sunny and warm. But hey! Too much is too much.

Most of all I am very worried  about my cats. They are 20 years old, and this heat might be too much for them. They are sleeping almost all the time. They are not eating properly, I hope they drink enough.

Useally when I come home in the evening they are waiting for me in the hallway, but now the don't have enough strength to raise their heads and say hello to me.

In theatre Beowulf we are having the last rehearsals before the first night, we are doing our best, and hope it is enough. The premiere is in next wednesday evening at 7 o'clock. So you all are welcome to see our performance.

And I hope you'll like it. I do like the play, its new so our performance is a debut.

Now I have to go to bed, I'm afraid its useless, but I must try to get some sleep, even though it is too hot to sleep.

So good night, sleep tight.

sunnuntai 4. heinäkuuta 2010

Summer is here

I'm not very summer-like person, but must say that it has been beautiful weather in the last few days.

There is a picture of a little violet. It was blossoming in the old graveyard in Nummi. It shows how magnificent power life is. It comes through the grey stone in the place where the death lives.

Though I have always been fond of cemeteries, especially old ones. And the old cemetery of Nummi is one of my favourite places. It is so beautiful and quiet. And the old tombstones, the oldest are from the end of 19th century, old grey stones, rouhg like life itself.

When I was a litlle girl, I used to wisit there with my parents, my grandparents are buried there. When mother and father was taking care of the flowers and everything I used to walk between those old stones, touching them, trying to read the old names and dates. And I saw the people in my mind and I tryid to imagine the life they have had. I have always had a good imagination. So they were very living to me.

By the way, my weight has not gone down as fast as I hoped. And now I have decided to take in use hard way. I have made a soup, colesoup, and I'm going to eat it the whole week. Lets see what happens.

sunnuntai 23. toukokuuta 2010

As times go by

It's been ages I last wrote this blog. The shcool is almost over from this spring. Only one exam and then its over. Still one year to go but it starts only in autumn so there is summer and freedom between....

And once again it's late night and I'm sitting by my computer and writing. This time it is family recearch. It is so interesting I don't want to quit but I'm afraid I have to because tomorrow is a workday. But have few ancesters still to check....

Today has been quite nice. I was in rehearsals in a summer theatre. The name of the play is "Good evening, my name is Anton Tsehov" and it is quite funny. I do like all the actors and of cource the director too. The place we are playing is an open air playhouse so I hope this summer will be sunny and warm.

torstai 11. maaliskuuta 2010

At school

Waiting for my friends. Sitting in classroom writing this blog and thinking what to do. Time to do what I want. And I don't want to do anything reasonable.

I think I'm going to write my fantasy story. Actually I'm not yet ready to go on with it. I have to do some research first about healing with stones and jewelery and colours and chakras. But I can write some descriptions of persons and places and so on.

maanantai 8. maaliskuuta 2010


Half of it is done, the other half is waiting for me. And I just don't want to do it. I feel like 10-years old, acting up to my mother. And mother looks at me and says "My dear, you wanted to go to that school. So you have to do your homework." And thats it.

Why mothers are always right! It's not fair!

And why teachers always gives us so much homework, too much.

OK. Now I have been complaining enough and I am going to do the rest of my homework like a good girl.

So good night and sleep tight till next time

keskiviikko 3. maaliskuuta 2010

Updatings and updatings

Computers are funny things. They are soooo tehcnical. I have been very brave tonight. I updated my computer to Windows 7. It was a huge effort. But now I do have a fine brand new operating system. We will see how it works. At the moment, after 5 minutes use, it feels wonderful.
The updating process took almost 3 hours so now it is a late night, and I have to go to bed.

This is one of the new pictures,
they came with the operating system

Good night, sleep tight.

tiistai 9. helmikuuta 2010

Burlesque and Mama Zinaida Timantti

Whouououw ! ! ! ! !

That was fantastic. Helsinki Burlesque Festival 2010. I was there. I saw the audience and the performances and the dresses and all. And it was wonderful.

I enjoyed all, although I was partly working there, I was a fortuneteller, and I met wonderful persons. And we had good conversations. My fortuneteller's name is Mama Zinaida and my daughter added the last name Timantti. Her dj-name is Fiona Timantti.

In the picture is my beautiful daughter Fiona Timantti. Tuomas Lairila took the picture in Helsinki Burlesque Festival 2010.

Now it is late and I have to go to bed, but I will see beatiful dreams.

Good night sleep tight.

maanantai 1. helmikuuta 2010

The story goes on in Finnish...

I've made a decision to write my fantacy story only in finnish language, because it is faster to write that way. If for some reason somebody wants to read it in english you have to send a comment to me. Then I will try to write it still in english. But you must have good reason for that wish.

This blog goes on in english and I try to learn it more all the time so you can understand it, hopefully.

It is late night, as useally when I'm writing, and outside is dark. Only the streetlamps and few lighted windows. And snowing, Beautiful big snowflakes dancing in the light. Only thing that's missing is a fireplase, good company and a glass of good wine.

Now I'm going to sleep dreaming of all that is warm and cosy and ....

torstai 28. tammikuuta 2010


Now when I am in flue and can't do much I have been thinking, surprice surprice. And I have found that my story beyond the times is growing. New people have come foreward and the old have names, at last. And I want to write it hastily. But I am not fast enough as a writer. My thoughts goes much more hastily. Anyway I am writing it in Finnish and that might be the problem, afterwards I have to translate it, and that is something I am not at all good at. As all my previous english teachers can tell.

But anyway the story wants to come out and I have to write it. So...

sunnuntai 24. tammikuuta 2010

A winter day

How beautiful can a day be. Here is a picture taken from my window. It was in the midle of the afternoon in one winterday. And the trees and even the cars are beautiful. Covered with snow. It was quite cold 18 degrees below zero celcius. I was sitting by my window and thinking how beautiful a winters day can be and the I rememberd the old song. This song can tell my feelings, walking in the white wonderland admiring the beaty of the nature.

What about my weight, nothing has happened, but I have been in flu and all I have done is laying in my bed and reading Donald Duck pocetbooks, so maybe next week will happen something. In the beginning of next month I must be well, because I'm going to be a fortuneteller in Helsingi Burlesque Festival. And it is not desirable to be sneezing and blowing when you work with fortune. I am waiting that festival enthusiastically. Must be fun to see all the burlesque stars. But now I must go to bed. So good night sleep tight.

tiistai 19. tammikuuta 2010


I've just watched a BBC tv-document about meditation. It was really an interesting programme. I have sometimes thought that meditation could be nice. But now I'm quite convinced and decided to meditate. At least try to meditate. I want to see how it affects to me. Does it really help me with the almost constant pain I am feeling in my shoulders. Does meditation make me feel any happier. Do my school exercises be easier. And so on, and so on.

Ok maybe I'm a little bit cynical, but on the other hand I am very interested about oriental religions and meditation is a big part of oriental lifestyle. So lets see what happens. If you are interested about meditation and it benefits for your helth and wellbeing here is the link to the programme.

Now I'm going to medit.... no I was just kidding, I'm going to bed.

So good night, sleep tight.

PS. Maybe I can use this meditation thing in my fantacy story "Tales of Aciend". Or maybe not...

sunnuntai 17. tammikuuta 2010

Lose weight 4, something is happening...

... as you can see. I am loosing weight. Almost three kilos has gone. YES YES YES. I really hope this is going to go on. My target is about 75 kilos +/- 2 or 3 kilos. I have been eating less carbohydrates and eating less all together. And I don't feel hunger but sometimes desires something good, like chocolite or candies. But these desires comes and goes. So you just wait a moment and thats it. The desire is gone.
It is new year, new studys, and hopefully soon, new me. Anyway the story in my other blog is going on slowly but surely. The story is fantacy. It is funny how the story leads you although you are the writer. When I started the writing I even didn't know the name of the man I was writing about. Funny. Now I know him a little better but still he is not very obedient fellow. I have desided that he is about 25-30 years of age but he says he is over 30. Almoust or even over 40 years of age. He is so stubborn. Lets see what happens.

Now I have to go on his story. So good night sleep tight.

torstai 7. tammikuuta 2010

Lose weight 3

Now it is time to take it seriously. The christmas season is over. All delicacys have been eaten. Now its time to lose weight. The scale shows 94,3 kilograms. A way too much. Now I have to do something.

I have decided to try low carb diet. A Finnish doctor Antti Heikkilä has good books about low carb, and I have read few of them. The best part of the books is that there are recipes which are easy to do and the food tastes good.

I'll try to write every week here to tell how I'm doing. Hope everything goes well and I get rid of 20 kilos. Lets see.

tiistai 5. tammikuuta 2010

A new blog

Today I decided to begin a new blog. A fantacy blog. Lets see what happens, can anyone even understand what I'm writing. My english is not the best possible. But I'm learning, I'm learning.

I don't know why I'm allways writing these blogs in the midle of the night. It supposed to be easier to write in the daytime, when your brains are working. Now I'm only tired and so there are mistakes in writing and grammar.

But I will edit my new blog a bit and then I will go to bed and sleep.

Good night sleep tight