sunnuntai 29. marraskuuta 2009

Family research

I made a link to my other blog. Family research page which is telling stories about my motherside family, and a little bit of fathers side too. The blogg is in Finnish.

Genealogy is one of my dear hobbies. Sitting in the National Archives of Finland is so fun. Searching all possibly knowledge about your ancestors is rewarding. And sometimes you find useful knowledge. What diseases has been in family and so on. And of cource has there been some bandits or pirates or maybe there is few counts or dukes.

In our family has been neither. Nothign very dramatic has came out. Useal living in the country side, farmers, smiths and millers. And we have been living almost all the time in the same area in southwest Finland.

perjantai 27. marraskuuta 2009

Rain, rain, rain....

I'm sitting in my room and watching out of the window. The evening is falling, darknes cames closer and light is going away. And it is raining, yesterday it rained and tomorrow I'm sure it is raining again.

I hope the rain will change to snow. Then it will be brighter. And working at night will be more pleasant.

keskiviikko 25. marraskuuta 2009

Lose weight!

For some reason it is soooooo difficult to lose weight. I don't know why. To get weigth is so easy, just eat and don't move, don't run, don't exercise. And that's it.

But one day you find out that you have to do something to yourself. Or you have to buy new cloths, because not a one of your old cloths fits.

And now the day has come to me. I have to lose weight. Or by a whole new set of cloths. And that is far too expencive. But what shall I do? Eat less? Exercice more? Change my eating habits? Or change the food I'm eating?

I want to find a healthy and easy way to loose weight. So should I believe the Finnish recommendations and left all the fat out, eat a lot of bread and potatos and so on. Or should I believe Dr. Atkins and leave all the bread and potatos away.

What to do and who to believe?

And more exercice? I walk up and down stairs all day long as my profession. So there is exercice enough for me. Sometimes I go for a long walk, and even dancing now and then.

So what to do? Going to gym? It costs a fortune, and is it really the only way to make yourself look fit? Jogging is one alternative, but I'm not very keen jogger.

Maybe I have to read few books or ask frends. Maybe somebody can tell me what is wise to do. Or maybe I just do what I think is wise.

Now good night, sleep tight.

maanantai 23. marraskuuta 2009

Alone, waiting....

I'm all aloune and I'm waiting. Waiting for what???

Waiting for new day, waiting xmas to come, snow to follow in the dark earth and making the scenery to be brighter.

The dark fall evening is so depressing and dull. I do like stormy winds and hevy rain, but still the fall is so dark and boring. A beatiful snowfall makes the landskape look like a cottonclaud.

And the full moon and the stars are reflecting from the snow and there is di mmy light everywhere. The light is so different from the summers hard light or the fine light of the springtime, but its beautiful and sometimes even a little spooky.

But I do like it.

Maybe I'm most of all waiting xmastime. Being together with love ones. Having peaceful time, reading good books, eating chocolate, and good food, drinking cood wine, walking in the snowfall, catching snowflakes with your tongue.

Maybe I'm missing the xmases of the childhood. The smell of the christmas, all the carols ringing and the decorations of the christmastree. Mother doing the christmas to all, father with his big white beard, looking like a Santa himself. Maybe when we grow old we miss our childhood, the warm, carefree time.

And then when we think it over again. It has not been so carefee, warm time att all. But not so hard either. Maybe the truth is somewhere between our sweet memories and the hard fact in the news.

Now I'm going too philosophical, it best to go to sleep. So

good night, sleep tight.

perjantai 20. marraskuuta 2009

Old enough

Old enough to be a grandmother. Did I say so in my previous writing. Oh no, I must have been sleepier than I thought.

No, my dear daughter, it was not a tip. When and if you make me a grandmother is your own business. The only thing I hope is that when you or your brother decides to have babys I'm well enough to play with them.

But sometimes, just sometimes I feel myself sooooooo old. As today in the classroom. When the teacher told you to do something and shows how you do it, and after the sixth time somebody asks how is this done???????

Don't they listen, don't they understand, don't they care, don't they have brains????

It's so irritating. And it is question about using a computer, using Word. It cannot be impossible for the young generation of today. They are using computers everyday. They are in Facebook and in Irc and so on......

So, sometimes I feel I'm a hundered years old.

Now I have to go to school. The evening lessons are waiting. Maybe I'm only 99 years old, I can feel joy for the studies and the possibility to learn new things, even the teacher today is a liiiitle bit boring.

Why ohh why

Something I don't understand is that we have to do unnecessary exercises in school. And I mean really unnecessary.

In a selling class we are doing a video of a sales promotion. Ok very good and usefull exercise when you have time enough to do it properly. But we study in eveningclass, we have time only for one shoot. We cannot edit the film, and most of us are afraid of the camera. And we don't have time to practice.

So the whole thing is not very good, and when you do it in foreign language its more difficult.

And no-one can explain to me why. Why are we doing this. We have so much more to do, so much more to learn. Things that we can really use in our working life in the future.

But maybe this all is only the dimness of night and when the sun comes up I will understand....

Now good night sleep tight.

keskiviikko 18. marraskuuta 2009

Soooo tired...

What are we humans thinking, when we do decisions. For instance going to school, when your old enough to be a grandmother. When all your thougth are from the previous century. When your skills are old and almost forgotten.

In the late night when your tired and all the work waits to be done, and all the teachers waiting you to be good and perfect and....

All I want to do is sleep and sleep and sleep....

And still it's fun to learn new things. Find out new ideas. And realise that you have something to give to others, students and also to teachers.

And one funny thing is that when you are old enough, the teachers are not so frightening anymore. They might even be younger than you, haaa... think about it.

Now its is time to go to bed. Tomorrow is a busy day. Work and school and homework and...

Mayby next time I have inspiration to write more, now I'm too tired.

So good night, sleep tight.