torstai 28. tammikuuta 2010


Now when I am in flue and can't do much I have been thinking, surprice surprice. And I have found that my story beyond the times is growing. New people have come foreward and the old have names, at last. And I want to write it hastily. But I am not fast enough as a writer. My thoughts goes much more hastily. Anyway I am writing it in Finnish and that might be the problem, afterwards I have to translate it, and that is something I am not at all good at. As all my previous english teachers can tell.

But anyway the story wants to come out and I have to write it. So...

sunnuntai 24. tammikuuta 2010

A winter day

How beautiful can a day be. Here is a picture taken from my window. It was in the midle of the afternoon in one winterday. And the trees and even the cars are beautiful. Covered with snow. It was quite cold 18 degrees below zero celcius. I was sitting by my window and thinking how beautiful a winters day can be and the I rememberd the old song. This song can tell my feelings, walking in the white wonderland admiring the beaty of the nature.

What about my weight, nothing has happened, but I have been in flu and all I have done is laying in my bed and reading Donald Duck pocetbooks, so maybe next week will happen something. In the beginning of next month I must be well, because I'm going to be a fortuneteller in Helsingi Burlesque Festival. And it is not desirable to be sneezing and blowing when you work with fortune. I am waiting that festival enthusiastically. Must be fun to see all the burlesque stars. But now I must go to bed. So good night sleep tight.

tiistai 19. tammikuuta 2010


I've just watched a BBC tv-document about meditation. It was really an interesting programme. I have sometimes thought that meditation could be nice. But now I'm quite convinced and decided to meditate. At least try to meditate. I want to see how it affects to me. Does it really help me with the almost constant pain I am feeling in my shoulders. Does meditation make me feel any happier. Do my school exercises be easier. And so on, and so on.

Ok maybe I'm a little bit cynical, but on the other hand I am very interested about oriental religions and meditation is a big part of oriental lifestyle. So lets see what happens. If you are interested about meditation and it benefits for your helth and wellbeing here is the link to the programme.

Now I'm going to medit.... no I was just kidding, I'm going to bed.

So good night, sleep tight.

PS. Maybe I can use this meditation thing in my fantacy story "Tales of Aciend". Or maybe not...

sunnuntai 17. tammikuuta 2010

Lose weight 4, something is happening...

... as you can see. I am loosing weight. Almost three kilos has gone. YES YES YES. I really hope this is going to go on. My target is about 75 kilos +/- 2 or 3 kilos. I have been eating less carbohydrates and eating less all together. And I don't feel hunger but sometimes desires something good, like chocolite or candies. But these desires comes and goes. So you just wait a moment and thats it. The desire is gone.
It is new year, new studys, and hopefully soon, new me. Anyway the story in my other blog is going on slowly but surely. The story is fantacy. It is funny how the story leads you although you are the writer. When I started the writing I even didn't know the name of the man I was writing about. Funny. Now I know him a little better but still he is not very obedient fellow. I have desided that he is about 25-30 years of age but he says he is over 30. Almoust or even over 40 years of age. He is so stubborn. Lets see what happens.

Now I have to go on his story. So good night sleep tight.

torstai 7. tammikuuta 2010

Lose weight 3

Now it is time to take it seriously. The christmas season is over. All delicacys have been eaten. Now its time to lose weight. The scale shows 94,3 kilograms. A way too much. Now I have to do something.

I have decided to try low carb diet. A Finnish doctor Antti Heikkilä has good books about low carb, and I have read few of them. The best part of the books is that there are recipes which are easy to do and the food tastes good.

I'll try to write every week here to tell how I'm doing. Hope everything goes well and I get rid of 20 kilos. Lets see.

tiistai 5. tammikuuta 2010

A new blog

Today I decided to begin a new blog. A fantacy blog. Lets see what happens, can anyone even understand what I'm writing. My english is not the best possible. But I'm learning, I'm learning.

I don't know why I'm allways writing these blogs in the midle of the night. It supposed to be easier to write in the daytime, when your brains are working. Now I'm only tired and so there are mistakes in writing and grammar.

But I will edit my new blog a bit and then I will go to bed and sleep.

Good night sleep tight