perjantai 25. joulukuuta 2009

Christmas Eve

Today is Christmas Day and I'm sitting here at home, listening radio, enjoying the peaceful feeling. All three cats are sleeping in my bed and dreaming cats dreams. What kind of dreams they are I don't know, but I think they are catlike dreams because all three are obviously enjoying themselves.

Yesterday was Chirstmas Eve and I was visiting my son and his fiancée. And my doughter was there too with her fiancé. We did eat christmas meal and we gave christmas presents to each other and spent time together.

There were also a cat, Ming, who really was a cute princess as you can see in the picture. Yes she really is in the picture, under the blanket. You can see her nose.

So I did have a good Christmas Eve togethere with my love ones.

Today I visit my litle sisters family. We ate good food, had a cup of coffee and enjoyed the time together. Then we took a car and drowe to the old cemetery of Nummi. Our mother and father are buried there and we took candles to their grave. My grandparents are there too. The cemetery is so beautiful in christmas time, candlelights on white snow, stars in the sky....

The other picture is the old cemetery in Nummi. There is a beautiful old church, around it is the beautiful cemetery with the candlelights and stars...

perjantai 18. joulukuuta 2009

It is overrrrrrrrrr

I am studying in university of applied sciences and today was the last day of this module-period. JES JES JES.

It has been miserably two months. Too much homework, too much groupwork, too much everything. We are studyin in the evening classes so its only few hours per day but we have life outside the school too. Some of us have small children, spouse, work, home to take care of. So our time is very limited. And I'm afraid few teacher don't care about that real life at all.

But now its over over over. 

Christmas is coming, all the christmas carols, good food, candels...

And my weight loosing, hmmm...   

It must wait till christmas is over because I am going to eat all the good food and cakes and gingerbreads and chocolate and ....

And now I'm going to sleep a long night and tomorrow there will be one last exam and after that begins christmas holiday.

So good night, sleep tight. Till nex time...

torstai 3. joulukuuta 2009

Lose weight 2

I have read books and discussed with my frends and thought about loosing weight. And I've decided to give dr. Atkins a chance.

Or not to dr. Atkins, dr. Heikkilä is more my taste. First he is a Finn, his a doctor, in his books are recipes, which seems to be good.

And there are a lot of information in Net. So it is easy to find recipes and have variation in your diet.

Lets see what happens, do I really lose weight. I have tried to already few months but have no results. I don't know what is the reason for that. But now I hope I have success.

At the moment I am listening a good music. A radio programme about a Finnish singer Carola. She is one of my favourites. Her voice was so dark and soft. She is one of the best in Finland. She died much too young.